• cold-chain shipping

    Long Lasting Thermal Protection

    High performance insulating containers designed to protect your primary packaging.

    Container Consulting Solutions will identify your requirements, develop the secondary packaging and implement the appropriate design.

  • glacier ice

    Glacier Ice

    Glacier Ice is a +30°F formulation that is nontoxic and noncaustic. It is our most cost effective refrigerant. Glacier Ice products are equally thermally effective, when compared to the other +30°F formulations. Glacier Ice is the perfect refrigerant solution for shipments and packaging where variable height tolerances are acceptable as this formulation does tend to have irregular expansion during the freezing process. This product can be reused, but is generally used for shipment in one way packages because of its low cost nature.

    Foam Brick Refrigerants are +30°F gel blocks that are specifically made for applications where space is limited. These refrigerants will maintain shape whether frozen or thawed and have the highest BTU absorption rate!

  • cold-chain shipping

    Cold-Chain Protection

    1” 2” 3” and 4” thick walls for your products’ long lasting primary and thermal protection. Transit shipping protection for temperature sensitive product worldwide. Standard size insulated containers for quick ordering and delivery.

    Custom designed containers for your specific cold chain needs. Eliminate expensive overnight shipping charges. High performance insulation. Approximately twice the R value of EPS and other foams.

  • cold chain testing


    ITSA Certified Thermal Laboratory Testing. Learn more about our testing process.

  • cold chain testing

    Thermal Shipping

    Full line of shipping accessories for temperature sensitive products.

    Various insulations available:
    EPS molded foam containers
    cut foam box liners
    foil bubble pouches and bags
    urethane containers
    pallet covers for transit and warehouse
    temperature recorders

  • Insulating Container Styles

    eco cooler

    Eco Cooler

    eco cooler

    Modular Cooler

    laminated cooler

    Laminated Cooler

  • PEX containers

    PEX Insulated Containers

    Reduce your carbon footprint with PEsm. Natural ingredients allow the planet and your business to thrive. Comparable insulating products such as EPS have a product carbon footprint (PCF) of 26. 173kgCO2 per meter cubed.

  • Customized Insulating Services

    Insulated Containers reduce risk during transit. Suitable for the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Biological, Biotechnical, Medical, Adhesives, Plasma, Tissue, Blood & Serums, and Vineyards.

    glacier ice

    Multi Cavity Lid for Compartmental Temperature Control

    custom packaging inserts

    Customized Inserts for Cushioning and Vibration Protection

    tote bins

    Insulating Inserts for Tote Bins

    tote bins

    Gaylord Style Bulk Insulating Shipping Containers

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