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  • Customized Crating

    CCS, Inc. crating and shipping provides a variety of standard size and custom wood shipping and storage crates, manufactured for safe packaging solutions of all commodities.

    Our knowledgeable, experienced crate manufacturing staff is the foundation for giving our customers service and satisfaction no matter what the size of their crate requirements. Our skilled teams work together to engineer the highest quality-built wooden crates, manufactured to protect your valuable cargo.

  • Custom Foam Inserts

    Long Lasting Thermal Protection


    Container Consulting will identify your requirements, develop the secondary packaging and implement the appropriate design.

  • Molded Pulp

    At CCS, we are taking molded pulp packaging to a whole new level.

    Although the demand for recycled packaging has been growing for years, molded pulp has traditionally been associated with items like box inserts, cup carrying trays, and egg carton packaging that had a very limited consumer appeal.

    New manufacturing techniques innovative design capabilities are changing molded pulp’s image. Now, consumer product companies looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging have an aesthetically pleasing option.

  • suspension packaging solutions

    Suspension Packaging

    Flexibility and multi-product application makes SUSPENSION PACKAGING the clear packaging choice for:
    EMS Operations
    Service Centers
    Refurbishment Facilities

  • styrofoam medical packaging solutions

    Styrofoam Medical Packaging

    Custom-molded styrofoam packaging is highly effective in protecting sensitive electronic components, consumer goods, pharmaceutical materials, industrial supplies, automotive products, office equipment and many more materials during shipping and storage. Because of its dimensional stability, our unique molded styrofoam is ideal for many packaging situations.

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