If you're looking for packing products that are earth-friendly, reusable and sustainable we've got the best products in the industry.

Sustainability and waste reduction have become increasingly important considerations for businesses that use packaging and shipping materials that frequently end up in the waste stream. Using materials that are earth-friendly not only appeals to consumers, but can also have a positive impact on your bottom line. Post-industrial waste materials that have been ‘re-purposed’ are frequently lower-cost materials that save you money and storage space.

  • molded pulp packaging

    Molded Pulp

    At CCS, we are taking molded pulp packaging to a whole new level.

    Although the demand for recycled packaging has been growing for years, molded pulp has traditionally been associated with items like box inserts, cup carrying trays, and egg carton packaging that had a very limited consumer appeal.

    New manufacturing techniques innovative design capabilities are changing molded pulp’s image. Now, consumer product companies looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging have an aesthetically pleasing option.

  • Airspeed EP-Flex Renew

    Biodegradable Loosefill Shipping Solutions

    Biodegradable Super 8® loosefill is the next generation of sustainable packaging materials. From manufacturing to disposal, Super 8 is made to provide superior product protection while being environmentally friendly packaging. It is the only biodegradable packaging loosefill made from 100% recycled polystyrene that includes post-consumer polystyrene foam packaging that would otherwise end up in the waste stream. If not recycled, Super 8 loosefill will decompose completely within 9 to 60 months in the presence of microorganisms, whether it is sent to a landfill, or ends up as litter in the soil. Not only is Super 8 loosefill packing material truly biodegradable packaging, but it is cost effective while providing superior product protection.

    Super 8 loosefill is also recyclable packaging and can be reused many times. This eco-friendly packaging is collected at over 1,500 locations in the US for reuse. It can be returned for recycling to locations listed in the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers drop-off, or mail-in program. It comes in an easy to identify, light green color for customer awareness. Only green colored loosefill in the shape of a figure 8 is biodegradable packing peanuts and eco-friendly packaging.

  • Airspeed EP-Flex Renew

    Biodegradable Air Bags For Shipping

    Airspeed EP-Flex Renew air pillow film contains a special and precise blend of ingredients that allow for microbial biodegradation. Providing the same quality performance characteristics as the standard EP-Flex film, EP-Flex Renew is tough, 100% recyclable and contains pre-consumer recycled content. EP-Flex Renew uses a proprietary additive in the manufacturing process, attracting microbial communities found in landfills and composting environments to accelerate product biodegradability.

    Using Airspeed EP-Flex Renew film for air bags in product shipping allows businesses to increase sustainability, without sacrificing operational performance.

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